Madrid. November 27, 2019 – At the headquarters of the Spanish University Foundation in Madrid, hundreds of businessmen met summoned by the group of jurists Sánchez Cánovas in a networking around the analysis and investigation of proposals that, from anthropology, ethics and the principles of the DSI, were present in a business conference in dialogue with the legal world. [See more]

The Director of the “Cisneros” History Seminar of the Spanish University Foundation, Mr. José Luis Sánchez García , who chaired the event, recalled, during his speech, the seven principles of the DSI that make possible a business concept that many non-denominational American universities, at the moment, are developing for the economic world.

  1. Vicente Boluda , shipping company and president of the Valencian Association of Entrepreneurs (AVE), highlighted the importance of “institutions such as AVE -Valencian Association of Entrepreneurs- that work on tourism and help to carry out with rigorous meters, projects that take into account all social reality ”.
  2. Javier Marín , CEO of Self Bank, recalled that the objective of banking should be “to increase the value generated by the business for the end customer since this value that is generated for the customer it is the center of reference for all decision-making. ”

The press was eagerly looking for D. Carlos Bertomeu , Executive President of Air Nostrum, on the subject of the AVE concessions which, just at the time the meeting was held, were made public. Mr. Carlos Bertomeu emphasized that the fundamental objective of his airline group is “the constant search to increase the quality of service perceived by the customer”.

For his part, D. Francisco Catalán Vena , President of Levante Unión Deportiva, stressed that “football, in addition to being a sport and entertainment, generates a great wealth of participation for the nations that practice and visualize it.” He indicated that “football generates three indirect jobs for each direct contract, which represents 1.4% of Spanish GDP.”

  1. Antonio Bernabé , expert in tourism analysis and promotion and Managing Director of the Valencia Tourism Foundation, communicated that “the fact that Spain is a world tourism leader is due to talent, study, innovation and hard work done by the companies that make up the tourism sector that have known how to adapt to the environment to maintain leadership ”.

Finally, D. Alberto Galloso , an analyst specializing in the tourism sector, spoke about sustainability in this area and the situation in the sector after the fall of Thomas Cook. “Currently, sustainability is a differential factor but, in the medium and long term, it will become an essential element for tourism demand in Spain.”

At the end of the day, a tribute was paid to Federico Sánchez Cánovas , founder of the Sánchez Cánovas Group in 1977. Different personalities were present at the event, sharing business projects that led to dialogues between attendees in the rest times were endless.